Ein Führer für alle Naturfreunde

A guide for all Nature-lovers

Immerse yourself in the pristine Nature of Kaltern / Caldaro. As soon as you reach Kaltern / Caldaro on the Lake, you feel that you’re witnessing – and are part of – a great natural spectacle. You have a feeling of belonging, of safety, and also the desire to look beyond the familiar and the superficial and to experience Nature with all your senses. How else can one uncover the hidden treasures hidden beneath the surface and behind the scenery? Come explore the forest, the lake, the gorge, and the vineyards. They are only waiting for you to come discover their splendor – and will reveal themselves to visitors with a watchful eye and an open heart.

In 1960, the entire territory of the community of Kaltern / Caldaro was finally placed under landscape protection. 20 years later, the first landscape plan – in which all of the various zones were placed under protection – was worked out. These zones are periodically revised and updated so that the unique natural features and landscape elements remain protected and appreciated. These protected natural zones include, inter alia, various biotopes (e.g., at Lake Kaltern / Lago di Caldaro), the Rastenbachklamm between Altenburg and Lake Kaltern / Lago di Caldaro, the Altenburger Wetlands, the ice-holes, and the Spring Valley / Valle della primavera.

The Nature and landscape guide – available at the Kaltern / Caldaro Tourist Agency – is chock full of exact descriptions of all the natural treasures of this uniquely blessed spot. The guide also contains a wealth of useful details, as well as practical hiking suggestions so that you can visit the idyllic spots of Kaltern / Caldaro without disrespecting the environment.

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