Ein einzigartiges Projekt: die Kalterersee-Charta

A unique project: The Kalterersee Charta

A big name for a project which no one in Kaltern / Caldaro would have thought possible only ten years ago. There it is, in black and white, in the Preamble of the Charta: “We, the member companies of wein.kaltern, hereby commit to bottle our best Kalterersee wines under the quality seal of the Kalterersee Charta, to conscientiously fulfill the following Agreement on the Promotion of Quality and Image of Kalterersee and to carrying out the corresponding quality assurance controls. For us, Kalterersee is a modern and unique red wine typical for the area.” In view of the tremendous successes achieved during the first years of cooperation in the wein.kaltern project, the member companies and the entire village became more and more convinced that combining their efforts would yield the decisive competitive edge. The impressive proof of this: the Kalterersee Charta.

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