DJJ Südtiroler Merlot Riserva

Alcoholic content: 15 %

Acidity: 5,6 g/l

Residual sweetness: 0,4 g/l

Food pairings:
An ideal wine with game and dark meats.

24 day must fermentation in open steel tanks with agitation of the must. Malolactic fermentation in oak barrels followed by aging in barriques for 18 months.

Grape variety:

Age of vines:
30 years.

Prutznai, 300 m a.s.l.

loamy gravel

Vine training:
pergola training system, near-natural integrated production

Serving temperature:
18 – 20 °C


A homage to the unique terroir and above all to the old wine-growers Josef and Johanna Sölva when they handed over to their son Dieter Sölva in 2011. Created out of gratitude.
Refined and charismatic.

Tasing notes:
Color: dark ruby red
Aroma: complex ripe fruit notes of blackberry combined
with mature aromas from the barriques.
Taste: full-flavored with a powerful tannin structure.


Merlot DJJ 2018

Merlot DJJ 2017

The DJJ Südtiroler Merlot Riservais available for purchase directly from our estate.

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Grapes for our DJJ Südtiroler Merlot Riserva are harvested at these wine-growing locations in Kaltern: