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Südtiroler Kalterer See Klassisch FUXS

Alcoholic content: 12,5 %

Acidity: 4,3 g/l

Residual sweetness: 0,3 g/l

Food pairings:
The real companion for all occasions and especially delightful with smoked bacon, sausage and cheese, savory starters and white meats. Also ideal with light vegetable dishes and fish.

Short must fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a cool controlled temperature; final fermentation at 18 °C. Malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tanks.

Grape variety, age of vines:
Schiava in several varieties, 30 to 40 years.

Seegüter and Barleit, up to 300 to 400 m a.s.l.

loamy soils and calcareous gravel

Vine training:
pergola training system, near-natural integrated production.

Serving temperature:


Our favorite red wine for the summer. Nice and light. The wine is a clear expression of its origins: modern, sociable and rooted to the soil. Like a fox.

Tatsing notes
Color: brilliant light ruby red
Aroma: intensive fruity bouquet of ripe berries.
Taste: juicy on the palate, well rounded with an elegant tannin structure.


Südtiroler Kalterer See Klassisch FUXS 2022

Südtiroler Kalterer See Klassisch FUXS 2021

Südtiroler Kalterer See Klassisch FUXS 2020

The Südtiroler Kalterer See Klassisch FUXSis available for purchase directly from our estate.

Business hours Sale of wine
Mon–Sat | 8–12  / 13–19
and by appointment

Wo sie unsere Weine erwerben können, sehen Sie hier »

Grapes for our Südtiroler Kalterer See Klassisch FUXS are harvested at these wine-growing locations in Kaltern:

Bottle GL 71 - glas - green glass
Kork FOR51 - cork - sep. collection for organic waste
Capsule C/ALU90 - plastic / aluminium - aluminium and metal collection
Possible Plastic PET1 - plastic - waste separation

Follow the directions of your municipality

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